Yvette Simpson for Cincinnati Mayor

Yvette Simpson for Cincinnati MayorMeet Yvette

Yvette is a Cincinnati success story. Raised by her grandmother in a low-income family, she overcame significant childhood obstacles through hard work, dedication, and persistence. Going on to become the first in her family to graduate from college and achieve her childhood dream of becoming a lawyer.

Yvette is currently serving her second term on Cincinnati City Council. She chairs the Human Services, Youth, & Arts committees and serves on several others, including the Budget & Finance committee. Yvette also chairs the Hamilton County Planning Partnership and serves on the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission.

Policy Focus

Strength in Neighbors – Focus on Neighborhoods. As Mayor, Yvette will ensure all neighborhoods rise together. Each Cincinnati community demands attention and investment but has unique needs. Yvette will implement a Ready, Set, Go plan, so each neighborhood is set up for success. Our neighborhoods can’t wait; the time is now.

  • Ready: Our first priority is to ensure all neighborhoods are safe and clean. As Mayor, Yvette will ensure these communities receive targeted resources to improve quality of life for all residents (e.g., Lower Price Hill).
  • Set: For these communities, we must invest and activate. They will be prepped for success with foundational development and activation of community groups (e.g., Bond Hill).
  • Go: We must maintain and grow our flourishing communities. We can’t ignore their success; these neighborhoods require maintenance for continued growth (e.g., Oakley). 

Yvette’s neighborhood focus will also create opportunities in engagement, small business, and housing.

  • Civic Engagement Office (“CEO”): Yvette will establish a Civic Engagement Office at City Hall, giving everyone the opportunity to engage directly with city leaders. All citizens deserve to be heard, and as Mayor, Yvette will listen.
  • Small Business: The corner store is the cornerstone of our communities. As Mayor, Yvette will work to strengthen small business. She will seek to incentivize and incubate small businesses everywhere, especially underserved neighborhoods, and make small business services more efficient at the City.
  • Housing: We must increase housing options for all. Yvette will review affordable housing programs, and ensure long-time community members aren’t ignored during neighborhood growth.
  • Preserving Our History: Our history is our future. Cincinnati’s historic buildings are one of our biggest treasures, and must be protected. As Mayor, Yvette will prioritize preservation through tax abatement programs and the Historic Conservation Board.

Let’s Get to Work – Working Cincinnati. Cincinnati needs a 21st Century workforce. We must connect our current workforce to existing jobs with robust, multi-modal transportation. We also must attract middle-class jobs of the future - in advanced manufacturing and green technology. The unemployed and underemployed can't wait. The time is now.

  • Multi-Modal Transportation: We must re-evaluate our transit system to meet the needs of employers and employees. As Mayor, Yvette will work to improve mobility and collaborate with others to develop a 24/7 regional transit system. One that connects people to existing job opportunities.
  • Education and Opportunity: We must match training opportunities with current jobs, and ensure our workforce is prepared for jobs with middle-class wages.
  • Attract 21st Century Jobs: To grow opportunity, Cincinnati must be forward-thinking. As Mayor, Yvette will work to attract jobs of the future by prioritizing the preparation of Queensgate for middle-class employers.

Safer, Brighter Future. Violence plagues too many of our communities. Cincinnati’s crime rate has been stuck in a yo-yo for years. To have a real impact on crime, we must do things differently. We must address the root causes of violence.

  • Hurt People Hurt People: Violence is a disease. To prevent it, we must treat individuals, families, and communities that are victims of repeated trauma. This includes implementing psych trauma teams for witnesses and others impacted by violence, and programs—treatment, inoculation, and prevention—to identify the young people most exposed.
  • It Takes a Village: We need police officers, professionals, and the community—individuals, families, and organizations—to come together and collaborate. As Mayor, Yvette will ensure they have the tools they need to reduce violence.
  • Implement Strategies: These strategies are ready to go. Pilot programs for children and parents are in place in Westwood, and other cities are already using these techniques. Cincinnati can’t wait; the time is now.

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