Tom Luken Has Passed

Tom Luken has passed away. He was one of a kind. Law Director of Deer Park, U.S. Attorney, Cincinnati City Councilmember, Mayor, Member of Congress and City Member again. And Chair of the Hamilton County Democratic Party. He helped orchestrate ending the Republican Party 50 plus year control of the City Hall in 1971, and the Republicans never recovered from that.

Along with Ted Berry he passing an income tax increase to do it they rescued the failing privately owned bus company, converted it to a publicly operated transit system, reduced fares and greatly expanded its service. He road with the freedom riders and marched in Selma for civil rights. All of us who knew him knew him as a fighter. He could be gruff, demanding and impatient, but it was because he wanted to get things done and he knew how to do it. He mentored generations of younger political activists, from Jerry Springer to his son Charlie and our current Mayor John Cranley. And I am one of them as well.

We will not see his likes again.

We will post information about his arrangements when they are known



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