Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune

Todd PortuneHamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune was elected to the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners on November 2, 2000, after having served eight years on the Cincinnati City Council. Commissioner Portune has been re-elected four consecutive times and is currently serving his fifth term. Portune is the President of the Board of County Commissioners.

Portune's leadership Agenda in 2017 is centered upon continuing work aimed at tackling 5 key priorities:

The Portune 5 Point Plan for a Stronger, Safer and Healthier Hamilton County

  1. Clean up the mess at MSD
    • Lower Sewer Rates
    • End the Bickering with the City
    • Preserve the City Pension Fund Settlement
    • Charter a New Sewer District Run by an Independent Board
    • Mandate Green Infrastructure in meeting Consent Decree obligations
  2. End Hamilton County's Budget Anarchy
    • Adopt firm and balanced budgets
    • Require Departments to absorb costs of their mistakes
    • Implement Quarterly Appropriations Policy
    • Adopt Zero Based Budgeting Policies
    • Mandate Annual 10% Cost Savings through Shared Services
  3. Transport Hamilton County into the 21st Century
    • Develop Rail and Trail Corridors for both forms of transit
    • Commit to Construct and Finance Western Hills Viaduct project
    • Plan Multi-modal Regional Transportation System
    • Create Multi-State Transportation Commission with KY and IND
    • Implement Regional transportation System Funding Plan
  4. Grow Hamilton County
    • Adopt 5 Year Economic Growth Plan for Hamilton County
    • Secure Shovel Ready Development Sites in all county communities
    • Implement County-wide housing, development and jobs plan
    • Create new County Office of Creativity and Innovation
    • Legalize Growth of Industrial Hemp to Boost Ohio's Agri-Economy
  5. Prescribe the Right Rx for a Healthier Hamilton County
    • Improve Maternal and infant health and Reduce Infant Mortality
    • Implement County wide oral health initiative
    • Introduce Alternative Energy in all County Cities, Villages and Townships
    • Reinvigorate County Climate Communities Action Plan
    • End the Heroin Epidemic

Contact Todd Portune

138 E. Court Street, Room 603
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513-946-4401
Email: todd.portune@hamilton-co.org
Website: hamiltoncountyohio.gov/hc/bocc_portune.asp

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