They're at it Again

Well, they have done it again. Republican candidates running in largely white areas love to post pictures of unpopular or frightening black people as if they are going to guard against them. Two years ago they did it to Bob Kelly in a Municipal Court race in Anderson township comparing him to Tracy Hunter.

Now we have the recently appointed Judge Jackie Ginocchio doing it on the far west side circulating her picture proudly standing next to the scary mugshots of  6 men, at least 4 of whom are black, with CONVICTED stamped over their faces.  It is a not so subtle message.

Judge Jackie Ginoccio's Mugshots                                                     

She had been a prosecutor before Governor Kasich appointed her.  Apparently a good one.  But with this message she totally misses the critical  point.  The seat she is running to retain is a judgeship.  It requires neutrality, balance and an open mind.  The judiciary is not about convictions, it is about justice!

The Cincinnati Branch of the NAACP has reacted appropriately. In their statement the NAACP "loudly condemn and question Judge Ginocchio's temperament" and they demand she remove her ad it is "questionable judgment and beneath the dignity of the court."

The Hamilton County Democratic Party proudly offers an alternative. Long time west side resident Julia Collier is our endorsed candidate in that district. She knows the role of a judge is not about counting up how many conviction scalps you can tack on the wall or post in social media. Collier is the choice for those concerned about justice.

Tim Burke - Chair, Hamilton County Democratic Party
Janaya Trotter - Co-Chair Hamilton County Democratic Party Judicial Committee


Please Vote Julia Collier for Judge
Hamilton County Municipal Court
7th District

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