These are Trying Times

It was distressing today to see a supremely unqualified person confirmed as the Secretary of Education. It took a historic vote by the Vice-President to force it through.

It is a reminder of how important it will be to get prepared for the 2018 election, to work to re-elect Senator Brown, and hopefully apply real pressure in the two Congressional seats here in Hamilton County.

Recently Congressman Steve Chabot (OH-1) demonstrated once again why he should be replaced.  He casually posted items to his website and included in his weekly e-mail symbols that suggest the American press is Jewish dominated.  Our County Chair Tim called him out for this in an open letter

Also please take note of another in the continuing series of articles by James McNair in Citybeat covering local politics.  This time he has focused on the Ohio First District Court of Appeals where there are now two vacancies about to be filled by appointment by the Governor.  Five names have been submitted to Columbus for consideration - four of them have no judicial experience at all.

There are still very objectionable nominations yet to be considered.  For example, next in line is Jeff Sessions for Attorney General and Scott Pruitt at the EPA. The pressure needs to be kept up. For your convenience below is the contact information for the members of Congress from here that need to be hearing from you. We left out Sherrod Brown. He's on your side.


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