A Thank You and Recycle Those Yard Signs

A huge thank you is owed to all of our candidates who worked so hard this year.  Running for office is no easy undertaking and we are very grateful those who make that effort.  And also a thank you to everyone who took the time to vote!  Sadly, not enough people did.

Congratulations are in order to Mayor John Cranley on his re-election, to Cincinnati Council members PG SittenfeldDavid MannChris Seelbach and Wendell Young on their re-elections as well.   Congratulations to Tamaya Dennard and Greg Landsman who won new seats on Council.  And Michelle Dillingham is still in the hunt for the #9 seat pending the counting of provisional ballots on November 22nd.  She could very well end up winning.

There are some noteworthy wins in other parts of the County as well.   Alan Triggs was a elected as a Judge In Hamilton County Municipal Court.  In Norwood a young African American woman, Leslie Stevenson was elected to City Council with a resounding 16 point margin.  InWyoming Democrats won a first time majority of City Council with the addition of Thaddeus Hoffmeister and Sarah Stankorb Taylor.  In Cheviot, newcomer Kimberlee Rohr won as Law Director.  In Evendale, Carolyn Smiley Robinson was re-elected to Council.  Emily Culver was elected to Council in Deer Park.

Our neighbors to the north in both Warren County and Butler County have reasons to celebrate too.  Democrats swept the Council races in Oxford and in Warren County 18 Democrats were elected to office in various parts of the County.  That's not something you hear every day.

Democrats did well around the nation, notably in Virginia and New Jersey.   The momentum seems to be there for 2018.   We can rest for a bit but the fight goes on.  There is much to be rectified next year.

Recycle Yard Signs
Once again the Hamilton County Democratic Party will recycle yard signs (both the plastic and the metal).  They can be left our side porch or in the back parking lot at our Headquarters, 6109 Webbland Place in Pleasant Ridge 45213.   Yard signs cannot be put in the normal recycling bins, they will just end up in the land fill.

Clean Cincinnati is also offering an event this Saturday (November 11th  11:00 - 2:00) at Chase Elementary School in Northside that will include recycling yard signs.  Details on that event are shown below. 

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