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A message from the Chair Regarding the future of the Hamilton County Democratic Party

My service as Chair of the Hamilton County Democratic Party will end in 2018.  It will either happen when my current term ends shortly after the May Primary when the newly-elected County Central Committee members (the Precinct Executives) elect a new Party Chair, or should that body determine that it is desirable for me to remain as Party Chair through the November 2018 elections, I am willing to do that, but I will resign shortly after those elections and a Central Committee meeting will be held in late November or early December to elect a new Party Chair.

No doubt, some of you are probably thinking “It’s about time.”  After almost 25 years, I agree with that.  Many of you receiving this letter know that I have been trying to encourage discussions about preparing the Party for this change for a year now.  I am glad to report that some people have taken that seriously and begun to discuss what changes in Party structure and organization should be considered.  An informal group of Party activists has begun to do just that, but that group and I both recognize that a much broader discussion of what this party should look like and how it should operate needs to take place.

That is why the Hamilton County Democratic Party will host a community Democratic Party Summit on November 29th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the UAW Local 647 Hall, 10020 Reading Road, in Evendale.  This is the same location that the last several County Central Committee meetings have taken place.

Invitations are being mailed to members of both the Executive Committee and Central Committee, but this session is open to any activists interested in the future of the County Democratic Party.  This is not a decision-making meeting, but may certainly pave the way for decisions to be made later by the legally governing bodies of the County Democratic Party, the elected officers, Executive Committee and Central Committee.

Brewster Rhoads and Janaya Trotter have generously agreed to serve as the facilitators of the meeting.  The group of Party leaders that has begun thinking about this issue will present their initial thoughts.  I will have a few words to say, but most importantly, we want to hear from you.  After initial presentations, we will break into table discussion groups on some specific topics and ask table leaders to report on their discussions.

I do hope you are able to attend.  It will help our planning if you will email to confirm your attendance.

Should you have questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to email me at

All the best.

Tim Burke

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