Fourth of July

Hello Hamilton County And a very happy Fourth of July to each and every one of you.

Today we celebrate the anniversary of our long ago Continental Congress and its adoption of a simple resolution that sent shockwaves around the world. On this day in 1776 our predecessors in elective office risked their liberty, their property and their lives by approving and signing the declaration of independence.

We celebrate that selfless act of purpose, commitment and conscience and in doing so are reminded that ours is a Nation where our elected officials are called upon to exercise their judgment on behalf of us all.

It may be a form of government that is not always pretty nor even always right. But it is the best and most representative system in the world that can still function in the face of great adversity.

So I say to you today whether you are pleased or appalled by what is going on in government remember that ours remains the best system in the world and it is one where all of the people have a seat at the table of power and every person has a voice in the decisions of the day both large and small.

Let’s celebrate our unique, not always right and sometimes flawed, but still the best form of government on the face of the planet with great enthusiasm and fervor. And light a Roman candle to our great American experiment in Democracy.


Todd Portune

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