Fanon Rucker for Municipal Court Judge, District 1

Judge Fannon Rucker for Municipal Court, District 1Judge Fanon A. Rucker is committed to an open, transparent legal system where Justice prevails for all.

Judge Fanon A. Rucker was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. Upon graduation from law school, he accepted a position as an assistant prosecutor with the City of Cincinnati. In pursuit of his motivation for attending law school, Judge Rucker left the Prosecutor’s Office and joined a law firm in order to represent Plaintiffs in civil rights and employment discrimination cases. Before assuming a seat on the bench, Judge Rucker represented both plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal courts in class action lawsuits and individual litigation. He served as the Law Director for the Village of Lincoln Heights for several years, as the Prosecutor for four municipalities and provided legal advice for small businesses and nonprofit corporations. In 2007, Judge Rucker was appointed to the Municipal Court, where he has served continuously for the past ten years. Judge Rucker has written several hundred criminal and civil decisions during his tenure and received consistently high ratings from local and state bar associations for his service on the Court.

Off the Bench, Judge Rucker is an active member of the legal and service communities. He is a regular keynote speaker at charitable, fraternal and social events. Judge Rucker serves, and has served, in elected and appointed leadership positions on many boards and organizations. Judge Rucker is married with three children. His father was an Indiana Supreme Court Justice until his recent retirement and his mother led a faith-based community group before she retired.

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