DNC Chair Tom Perez Coming to Town & Petitions Coming Soon

DNC Chair Tom Perez is coming to Hamilton County for a Happy Hour event on Thursday June 8th (5:00 - 6:30).   This event will take place at the International Association of Firefighters Local 48 Hall at 1011 W. 8th St.   Details are shown in the graphic below but you can sign up here to attend.

Its time for action.  You may have heard about the Fair Districts Now Initiative.  This is a ballot initiative to change the way Congressional Districts are drawn in Ohio, to end gerrymandering.   The language has now been approved, there is one last hurdle and we expect petitions to be printed soon and ready for circulation.   This is an all hands on deck moment.    We will have roughly 6 weeks to collect over 300,000 signatures statewide to place this issue on the ballot this November.  We need your help.fair-districts.jpg

There will be a kickoff event on Saturday morning June 3rd (10:30 am) at Hamilton County Democratic Party HQ in Pleasant Ridge(6109 Webbland Pl. 45213).   Petitions will be available and we will do training on the issues you need to know.

It's worth noting that the Brennan Center for Justice just a few days ago released a detailed study of gerrymandering around the country.  They measured gerrymandering using three different statistical metrics.  What they found was Ohio was one of the worst if not the worst gerrymandered state in the country.  Ohio was ranked worst in two of the three metrics.  The graph here illustrates one of them.   

Let's get this done.  People have been asking what they can do.  Well here is one thing that is very important. Let's make our votes for Congress count.

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