Darlene Rogers for Municipal Court Judge District 4

Darlene Rodgers for Municipal Court JudgeDarlene Rogers is running for Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge and would like to earn your vote. Her legal experience is diverse and includes both substantial criminal and civil work; representing clients in hundreds of criminal trials and also working in a high-volume civil litigation firm. Darlene has a vision for Hamilton County of collaborative solutions for the heroin epidemic, for taxpayer dollars to be used more responsibly and for our courtrooms to be inclusive and fair for all. She would also ensure that justice is administered equally for all people without bias and will work towards restoring public trust in our legal system.

Darlene has lived in Anderson Township for many years and began her career in nearby Mt. Washington as a teacher for McNicholas High School where she led and mentored high school students. Even though teaching was such rewarding work, she felt a higher calling to a different path of public service and chose to attend law school. After becoming a lawyer, it was a small step to again work with children, but this time defending them in court as a Hamilton County Public Defender in the Juvenile Division. Presently, Darlene is an appointee of Sheriff Jim Neil and also owns and operates a solo legal practice in Anderson Township. As a small business owner, she understands the challenges many small businesses face and the hardships of being self-employed. She supports all hard-working individuals, families, and our local unions.

Now more than ever we need Judges who will enforce our Constitution without fear of political retribution, who will respect all who enter their courtrooms, who will bring solutions for the heroin epidemic, and who will judge fairly without bias or intolerance - Darlene plans to be that Judge!

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