Call for Candidates - Board of Elections Job - Summit Follow Up & More

Call for Candidates

If you or someone you know is interested in running for office as a Democrat this year, the Hamilton County Democratic Party is now beginning the process of interviewing candidates for the purpose of making endorsements.   Potential candidates for Congress, the State Legislature, County wide office or Judge  need to let us know of their interest as soon as possible if they wish to be considered.  Notice should be sent to the Party's Executive Director at

Board of Elections Job

A job position for a Democrat has recently opened up at the Hamilton County Board of Elections.  This position is for a Campaign Finance Specialist, i.e. the person at the Board of Elections who handles campaign finance reporting issues on the Democratic side.   The detailed job description can be found here. Send resumes and inquires to: Sally Krisel, Deputy Director, Hamilton County Board of Elections,, phone: 513-632-7011. Applications for this position will be accepted through January 19th.

HCDP Summit Follow-up

Dear Democratic Activist (and participants in the Democratic Summit):

As we welcome 2018 and build toward the critical midterm elections I wanted to provide an update to those of you who helped make our November Democratic Summit such a success. Almost 300 people took part. Much work has been done since then and much is continuing as we work to build a stronger Hamilton County Democratic Party and strive to field a strong slate of candidates for the 2018 elections.

The group that was introduced at the Summit, which includes Christie Bryant Kuhns, Alex Linser, Jeff Cramerding, Anne Sesler and others is continuing their efforts to redesign party leadership positions. Their recommendations and those of others will go to a By-laws committee co-chaired by Gwen McFarlin and Aaron Herzig. The By-laws Committee will present its recommendations to the Party Executive Committee. If you have suggestions for either group please either respond to this email or forward them to Caleb Faux at Democratic Headquarters at

Three Committees are actively engaged in recruiting, and reviewing for possible endorsements candidates for 2018 offices. The Judicial Committee co-chaired by Janaya Trotter and Becky Cull has already come a long way in recruiting judicial candidates. Their efforts continue.

A State Legislative Committee is being co-chaired by Former State Senator Eric Kearney and former Member of Congress and State Representative Steve Driehaus.

The final Committee will consider the two Congressional Districts, Ohio 1 and 2, County Commissioner, County Auditor and State Board of Education. That Committee is being co-chaired by Silverton Mayor John Smith and Jenny O’Donnell.

Anyone interested in being a candidate should be sure to let us know so that they may be considered. Again, if you know of potential candidates please let me or Caleb know and we will get that information to the committees.

There will be a meeting of the Democratic Executive Committee on Saturday Morning January 20 at which the committees will make reports. It is not anticipated that they will have recommendations in all races by then and their work will continue. As things stand right now it appears that we have multiple candidates in both congressional districts and in several of the state legislative races. In contested primaries the committees may recommend an endorsement or may recommend that no endorsement be made in the primary. The Executive Committee will make the final decision on whether an endorsement should be made. The Executive Committee meeting will take place at the Lettercarriers Hall in Northside. As with all the Executive Committee’s meetings, it will be open to any Democrat who desires to attend.

The 2018 Cincinnati Women’s March will take place beginning at noon on January 20th and we will insure that the Executive Committee meeting is over in plenty of time to take part in that as well.

All the best for a Happy New Year – Tim Burke, Chair.

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