Amber Bailey for North College Hill City Council

Amber Bailey for North College Hill City CouncilAlthough I was born in a small town in Kentucky, I was raised in East Tennessee. I had always dreamed of doing something bigger and better with my life. When I was twenty-two, I decided to turn this dream into a reality by buying the first bus ticket out of town. Coming from a family of veterans of the armed forces, I wanted to see the country that they had fought for. I wanted to see the beautiful America that they gave to me. When I arrived in South Point, Ohio everything changed. I met my best friend, and then two years later I married my husband. Since Josh’s family has a long family history here in North College Hill we decided that this was the place to stay in 2012. I instantly fell in love with North College Hill’s small town feel, with the convenience of a big city.

After I settled in and I was able to get to know the community, I began following politics and the current issues of the city. I would come home after working, and read the agendas, minutes, and legislation that our leaders were working on at the time. One that struck me was the ongoing battle of the “City Center”.  Through an effort of fundraising, I attended a craft show there, and wanted to get to know those who were in the positions of leading the city. After I had the opportunity to speak with a few councilmembers, and attending council meetings, it always seemed like we could do more or better. I am determined to make difference in North College Hill and the time for progress is now!

During this past May, North College Hill had a vacancy on council. I took the initiative and was appointed to council on May 15, 2017. I wanted to be the voice for those who were not able to speak by means of intimidation. I am here for all of North College Hill, and my goal is to inspire other young people to step up in leadership roles, everywhere.

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