Statement of Gwen McFarlin, Chair
November 29, 2018

The Hamilton County Democratic Party denounces the overtly racist, violence inciting attacks on Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard. Today I speak for all Democrats, and civilly minded individuals when I say the public deserves civil discourse.

Words matter. Racist code used to harken back to a time when African American slaves were hunted to be returned to slave owners cannot be tolerated today. Racist, posts seeking to incite violence by a person or persons hiding behind the @COAST social media handle directed at Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard cannot be tolerated.

COAST's statements are the latest in a series of racist attacks from right wing extremists who have encouraged and engaged in hostile, racist, and violent attacks against African Americans. These extremists have called individuals who beat a Black man nearly unconscious and purposely drove a vehicle into anti-nationalist protesters "very fine people", have exclaimed they would be "in the front row of a "public hanging", called Black politicians "Magical Negroes" and "Monkeys", and referred to Black women as "Stupid" and of "Low-Intelligence". COAST has continued the assault on Black people, and more specifically, Black women, in calling for Councilwoman Dennard to be hunted.

COAST claims to be an anti-tax group fighting for transparency. Though time and time again, COAST has revealed its true colors as a hate group.

As a community, we must let COAST know that we will not tolerate these hateful, dangerous attacks. It is time for all reasonable citizens to:

Demand COAST members, whoever they are, apologize to Councilwoman Dennard

Demand Councilman Christopher Smitherman, the only Council member who has closely aligned himself to COAST and the text messaging litigation, and who frequently appears with COAST attorneys on right-wing radio denounce COAST

Demand COAST engage in civil discourse and ask the person(s) who posted in their name to no longer hide behind the COAST handle and post on their own personal account.

Report COAST to Twitter for violating Twitter Rules – in this case, posts that are “abusive and harmful” “violent threats and glorification of violence”

While it is difficult to communicate with this shadowy political organization, the address listed on their website is the office of COAST PAC Treasurer Mark Miller, located at 3630 Zumstein Ave., Cincinnati OH 45208

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