2017 Candidates

Experience Matters. With over a decade of experience in the Municipal Court Alan Triggs has the experience and track record to bring fair and equitable outcomes to the 2nd District Court.
With experience as a Public Defender and in private practice, Darlene Rodgers will enforce our Constitution, respect all who enter their courtrooms and will judge fairly without bias or intolerance.
Judge Fanon A. Rucker is committed to an open, transparent legal system where Justice prevails for all. Judge Rucker has served on the Municipal Court for 10 years, where he has received consistently high ratings from local and state bar associations for his service on the Court.
Julia Collier has almost 30 years experience as an attorney and litigator including serving as the Assistant Attorney General of Ohio. Her strong work ethic, balanced perspective, and well-established community ties make Julia the best choice for 7th District Municipal Court judge.
William Mallory was elected to the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas in 2006. He was appointed as the first African-American judge on the Hamilton County First District Court of Appeals of Ohio. Judge Mallory has served as a Judge of the Hamilton County Municipal Court since 2011.
Since taking office in December 2013, Mayor Cranley has placed a renewed focus on building vibrant, thriving neighborhoods by getting the basics right and making strategic investments to spur growth.
Yvette is currently serving her second term on Cincinnati City Council. As Mayor, Yvette will focus on neighborhoods, getting Cincinnati to work in 21st Century jobs and bringing a safer, brighter future to Cincinnati.
Honored as White House “Champion of Change” by President Barack Obama, Chris Seelbach is serving his second term on Cincinnati City Council. Chris has been instrumental in helping create a city where all people are valued, regardless of income or background.
In his distinguished career, David has served the City of Cincinnati as Councilmember, Mayor and in Congress as well as serving our country in the US Navy. David is an advocate for the citizens of Cincinnati in his role as Vice-Mayor.
The son of teachers, a former teacher himself, and the father of two, Greg Landsman offers the promise of something better – especially for children and families.
Lesley Jones has spent her life working to improve the quality of living for all people. She is running for City Council to put “PEOPLE FIRST” by bringing a collaborative form of servant leadership to City Hall.
With decades of community building and advocacy experience including as CEO of Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati and on the Kennedy Heights Community Council, Michelle will continue serving the community on the Cincinnati City Council.
Ozie Davis III is a lifelong Avondale resident with a passion for service and community. What fuels Davis’ passion and commitment to progressive change in our community is his firm belief in A.R.T. Authenticity, Respect, and Trust.
P.G. is currently serving his second term as a member of Cincinnati City Council. P.G. has been a tireless advocate for a more fair and inclusive economy; greater social and racial justice; expanded voters rights, LGBT equality, and women's rights; and meaningful action on climate change.
With 10 years of real estate, campaign and non-profit experience, Tamaya truly understands all sides of Cincinnati and has the experience to bring innovation, accountability and accessibility to City Hall.
A lifelong resident of Cincinnati, Councilman Young decided early on to dedicate his life towards his passion for helping the community and nation.
Kim is a lifelong westsider with deep ties to Cheviot and has the courtroom experience required to represent the City. As Law Director, Kim will make the Law Director's office more modern and efficient, while also being proactive in taking legal action to address blight in the City and absentee landlords.
With 12 years of educational experience and as the Executive Director of UpSpring, a not-for- profit educational organization, Mike has spent his career empowering children by providing opportunities for education and enrichment
With 31 years experience in CPS as an educator and Assistant Principal, Renee wants to serve the community that has given so much to her. Renee believes Cincinnati Public Schools should be transparent, accessible and accountable for the community.
A product of pubic schools and a proven business leader, Ryan Messer will represent all parents and children across the District to ensure every child has the opportunity to achieve her or his potential.

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