2018 Endorsed Democratic Candidates                      (as of 2/13/18)

US Senate - Sherrod Brown

US House of Representatives

OH-1 -

OH-2 -

Governor/Lt. Governor -

Ohio Attorney General -

Ohio Secretary of State -

Ohio St. Treasurer -

Ohio St. Auditor -

Ohio  State Senate

7th District - Sara Bitter

9th District - Cecil Thomas

Ohio State Representative

27th District - Christine Fisher

28th District - Jessica Miranda

29th District -

30th District - Clayton Adams

31st District - Brigid Kelly

32nd District - Catherine Ingram

33rd District - Sedrick Denson

Ohio Supreme Court -

Ohio First District Court of Appeals (4 seats) - Marilyn Zayas. Pierre Bergeron, Candace Crouse, Ginger Bock.

Ohio State Board of Education - Pat Bruns

Hamilton County Commission - James Wolf

Hamilton County Auditor - Dusty Rhodes

Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas (3 seats)  - Tom Beridon, Terry Nestor, Pavin Parikh





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