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    Tom Luken Has Passed

    Tom Luken has passed away. He was one of a kind. Law Director of Deer Park, U.S. Attorney, Cincinnati City Councilmember, Mayor, Member of Congress and City Member again. And Chair of the Hamilton County Democratic Party. He helped orchestrate ending the Republican Party 50 plus year control of the City Hall in 1971, and the Republicans never recovered from that.
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    Call for Candidates - Board of Elections Job - Summit Follow Up & More

    Call for Candidates If you or someone you know is interested in running for office as a Democrat this year, the Hamilton County Democratic Party is now beginning the process of interviewing candidates for the purpose of making endorsements.   Potential candidates for Congress, the State Legislature, County wide office or Judge  need to let us know of their interest as soon as possible if they wish to be considered.  Notice should be sent to the Party's Executive Director at caleb@hamiltoncountydems.org.
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